Marketing Program

    The Marketing program provides students with skills in management, organization and communication to help develop a solid foundation for a variety of business and marketing careers.

    Students participate in team projects as well as an independent business project of their choice. Marketing internships provide students with work experience related to subject matter covered in the classroom.

    DECA is a nationwide association of marketing students and is a vital co-curricular component of the program. DECA provides a program of activities and conferences to help students develop leadership, decision-making and communication skills.

    Areas of Training

    • Economics and Marketplace Information
    • Salesmanship
    • Advertising and Market Research
    • Product Planning and Distribution
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Human Resource Management
    • Product Management
    • Pricing and Promotion

    DECA Officers 2019-20

    DECA Officers 2019-20

    DECA Officers 2019-20

    Front row, left to right: Sunni Martin (Vice President of Communication), Emily Bledsoe (Vice President of Events), and Ashley Molitor (Vice President of Recruitment).

    Back row, left to right: Kelly Mahnesmith, (Co-President), Emily Frick, (Co-President), and Colton Cozza (Vice President of Finance).


    Katelyn Huber

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