ECC Dual Credit

East Central College Dual Technical Credit

Four Rivers Career Center has dual technical credit articulation agreements in place with East Central College for eight of its technical programs. Articulation agreements allow students to earn both high school and college credit upon completion of courses taken at Four Rivers Career Center.

Dual Technical Credit Requirements:

  • Completion of Application to East Central College
  • Payment of reduced tuition

Please see the list of East Central College course equivalents below.

Welding (Two-Year Program)

Course No.
Course Name
WLD101 (Fall)
WLD111 (Fall) 
WLD112 (Fall)
WLD121 (Spring)
WLD122 (Spring)
WLD131 (Spring)
WLD132 (Spring)
Welding I - Lecture
Welding I- Lab
Welding II- Lecture
Welding II-Lab
Welding III -Lecture (adv. SMAV)
Welding III- Lab (adv. SMAV)
Welding- IV Lecture (GMAW)
Welding IV- Lab (GMAW)
WLD133 (Fall)
WLD201 (Fall)
WLD202 (Fall)
WLD211 (Spring)
WLD212 (Spring)
WLD213 (Spring)
Welding VI Blueprint Reading
Welding V Lecture- GTAW
Welding V Lab- GTAW
Welding VII Lecture- Pipe Welding
Welding VII Lab- Pipe Welding
Welding VIII- Advanced Graduation Project

ECC Fact Sheet

Welding Fact Sheet