Refund Policy


 Washington School of Practical Nursing program consists of (3) trimesters of study. Tuition and fees are payable prior to the start of each trimester.  The refund policy for each trimester is outlined below:         

             Withdrawal Date                                            Amount of Student Refund

            Calendar Days 1-7                                                      100% Refund

            Calendar Days 8-14                                                    75% Refund

            Calendar Days 15-21                                                  50% Refund

            After 21st Calendar Day                                                 0% Refund

 Refunds are paid within 45 days of notice of withdrawal from the program.

 Credit balance refunds are reviewed and processed on a weekly basis. Check requests for credit balance refunds are sent by the Financial Aid Office to the School District of Washington’s business office for processing.  Once the check requests have been approved, students are notified that they can pick up their check within 3 business days from the Cashier’s office.