Satisfactory Academic Progress


 Students receiving financial assistance from federal and state sources must meet Four Rivers Career Center’s Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy in order to maintain their financial assistance eligibility.  This policy is applied equally to all students at Four Rivers Career Center.

 Students enrolled in the Washington School of Practical Nursing must maintain a 78% in all course work in order to meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements

 The Washington School of Practical Nursing program requires a 95% attendance rate for its students.

 Student’s grade and attendance records are maintained in the Student Information System of the School District of Washington.  Students have 24 hour access to their grades and attendance records through the online portal to our Student Information System.

 Grade reports and SAP policy compliance are reviewed monthly.

 If a student is not meeting SAP criteria as outlined above, the student will be notified in writing and placed on academic and financial aid probation.  Students are not eligible to receive disbursement of Federal Student Aid while on financial aid probation.

 Students can re-establish their eligibility for disbursement of Federal Student Aid by returning to compliance of the SAP policy outlined above.  At such time that a student returns to SAP compliance, Federal Student Aid funds can be disbursed.

 A student may appeal the termination of Federal Student Aid due to SAP policy non-compliance by submitting an appeal letter to the Administrator of the program, Financial Aid Administrator or the Director within 7 days.

 Students have until the end of each course, to return to academic compliance of our SAP policy.  Any student who does not meet the SAP criteria at the end of any course in the program, will be dismissed from the program.

 Washington School of Practical Nursing students receiving financial assistance must complete the entire program within 150% of the published length of the program.

 Students not receiving financial assistance are held to these same academic progress standards.