Career Now Program

The Career Now Program is one that utilizes community work settings for skill training through cooperative training plans with employers in conjunction with related classroom instruction provided by the school.   Work periods and school attendance may be determined on a program by program basis.  It is recommended that the student attend class once each week.

Registered Apprenticeships
through the Career Now Program are a nationally accredited workforce partnership with the Department of Labor and TransPORTS.  Apprenticeships use a proven, employer driven, “earn while you learn” model by combining the excellence in career education and employer provided on-the-job training.  The Department of Labor approved  with curricula tied to the attainment of national skills standards resulting in a highly skilled, sustainable workforce. The model also involves progressive increases in an apprentice’s skills and wages. The completion of the apprenticeship is based on the DOL work processes and the employer agreements.  Wages are higher than internships and result in a national occupational credential awarded to the apprentice upon journeyman status.  A registered apprentice is a gold star student, driven to remain in the career field to completion,  loyal to the employer, and has additional opportunities for advancement and post-secondary education.  

  • Student selection process-See the Qualification Form
  • Student/parent/employment/school agreement with established criteria
  • Supervised by the student’s regular FRCC Instructor
  • Students are to be compensated in accordance with laws
  • Qualifications

Youth Apprenticeship Signing Day
The Four Rivers Career Center’s Youth Apprenticeship Signing Day took place on Friday, February 26. Click here to watch the ceremony.
Youth Apprenticeship

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