Staff Directory

Four Rivers Career Center Staff Directory 2022-23

Phone: 636-231-2100

Philip King, Director, [email protected]

Dr. Joe Dierks, Director of Choice Programs, [email protected]

Ann Struttmann, Program Coordinator, [email protected]

Chris Redd, Practical Nursing Administrator, [email protected]

Andrea Wieland, College and Career Specialist, [email protected]

Stephanie Juengling, Career Services, [email protected]

Jeanne Miller Wood, Apprentice Coordinator,
[email protected]

Sabrina Light, Administrative Assistant, [email protected]

Lisa Kreamalmeyer, Practical Nursing Secretary, [email protected]

Iesha Maloney, Career Resource Educator, [email protected]

Lorna Griffen, Career Resource Para,
[email protected]

Curt Beers, Information Technology, [email protected]

Dan Brinkmann, Automotive Technology, [email protected]

Gary Maune, Automotive Technology,
[email protected]

Chris Dunard, Agriculture, [email protected]

Rob York, Building Construction, [email protected]

Jeff Frankenberg, Building Construction, [email protected]

Karen Fixsal, Culinary Arts, [email protected]

Blake Poertner, Machine Tool, [email protected]

Robert Schulze, Automotive Collision Repair, R[email protected]

Andrew Rosenburg, Automotive Collision Repair, [email protected]

Bryan Hinkle, Automotive Collision Repair Para, [email protected]

Jeff Marquart, Graphic Communications,
[email protected]

Dan Kemper, Welding,
[email protected]

Tim Bruckerhoff, Welding, 

Brett Hoch, Missouri Options, [email protected]

Katelyn Huber, Marketing, [email protected]

Kari Huff, Practical Nursing, [email protected]

Dina Vitale, Practical Nursing,
[email protected]

Heather Foster, Practical Nursing, [email protected]

Cathy Jinkerson, CAPS Business, [email protected]

Jenny Meers, Teaching Careers,
[email protected]

Nick Straatmann, PLTW Engineering,
[email protected]

Dane Gough, PLTW Engineering, [email protected]

Krista Williams, PLTW Bio Med, [email protected]

Melissa Ziegler, PLTW Bio Med, [email protected]

Tim Zumsteg, PLTW Computer Science, [email protected]

Lisa McCleave, Health Occupations, [email protected]

Cinthia Edler, Health Occupations,
[email protected]

Cathy Hartmann, Health Occupations – Pacific, [email protected]

Leigh Anne Beasley, Health Occupations – Wright City, [email protected]

Amy Mendenhall, Health Occupations – Warrenton, [email protected]

Stacey Siefken, Horizons Academy, [email protected]

Tina Hoeft, Horizons Academy, [email protected]

Susan Harms, WINGS, [email protected]