Agricultural Education

    Agriculture Education Program

    The Agricultural Education program prepares students with basic concepts and technical skills needed to succeed in agribusiness and related agricultural careers. Instruction focuses on hands-on problem solving.

    Students learn to make skilled decisions concerning the challenges facing today's agricultural industry. Students also participate in Future Farmers of America (FFA). This organization provides technical skills for employment in agribusiness and a strong academic foundation for continued agricultural education.

    This is the only program at Four Rivers Career Center that allows high school freshmen to enroll.

    Areas of Training

    • Agribusiness Careers and Leadership
    • Natural Resource Management
    • Production, Feeding, Breeding and Management of Commercially Raised Animals
    • Wood and Metal Construction
    • Soil Conservation and Management
    • Basic Engine Theory and Operations
    • Greenhouse and Landscape Management
    • Propagation and Identification
    • Floriculture Studies Combined with Product Marketing