Teaching Careers

Teaching Careers

Jenny Meers

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Teaching Careers Program

The Teaching Careers program is a one-year program open to seniors in high school. The program is designed to allow students true teaching experiences and opportunities for learning at various levels, while partnering with local schools to complete observation hours and assignments related to the course work.

In addition to the hands-on opportunities, students will also be engaged in academic coursework that is relevant to becoming a teacher.

Students will engage in topics related to child development, teaching and learning, and classroom, instructional strategies.

Teaching Careers Mission Statement

"Our mission is to combine high quality education and hands-on experiences to prepare and develop students in teaching, leadership, and life-long learning."

Areas of Training

  • Student Development
  • College and Career Planning
  • Classroom Management
  • Philosophies of Education
  • Professional Organization Affiliation
  • Foundations of Education
  • School Law and Ethics
  • Instructing Diverse Learners
  • Digital Citizenship

Teaching Careers 2021-22                 

Teaching Careers Morning
Teaching Careers Morning

From left are Jenny Meers (Instructor), Reyawnna Poole, Katherine Woolford, Alex Jaspering, Marisa Tedesco and Anna McFarland.

Teaching Careers Afternoon
Teaching Careers Afternoon
Front row, from left: Abigail Weber, Kaylee Heining, Jessica Steelman, Rylie Leslie and Katelynn Bruning.
Middle row, from left: Lindsay Sprung, Olivia Korte, Madison Frankenberg, Emma Lock and Mikayla Earl.
Back row, from left: Donece Brown, Lucas Yates, Kyle Meyer, Jacob Baldwin, Abigail Raeker and Jenny Meers (Instructor).

Class Officers 2021-22

Teaching Careers Morning Officers
Morning Officers
From left are Anna McFarland, Secretary; Katherine Woolford, President; Alex Jaspering, Vice President; and Marisa Tedesco, Treasurer.

Teaching Careers Afternoon Officers
Afternoon Officers
From left are Kaylee Heining, Secretary; Emma Lock, President; Donece Brown, Vice President; and Abigail Raeker, Treasurer.

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