Alternative Learning

Four Rivers Career Center Programs

Alternative Methods of Learning:
The instructor will be directly emailing students their assignments. Students will need to check their emails daily and should email all assignments back to their instructor. The assignments include:


Agriculture Google Folder

Agriculture Please Read First Directions

Agriculture Career Exploration Activity 1

Agriculture Career Exploration Activity 2

Agriculture Nutrition Activity 1

Agriculture Project Construction Activity 1

Agriculture Project Construction Activity 2

Agriculture Project Construction Activity 3

Agriculture SAE Activity 1

Agriculture SAE Activity 2

Agriculture SAE Activity 3

Automotive Technology

Brinkmann - Auto Tech 2

Brinkmann - Auto Tech 2 Extension 1

Maune - Auto Tech 1

Maune - Auto Tech Week 2

Building Construction

Building Construction II Assignment 8 York

Building Construction II Rafter Framing Quiz York

Building Construction II Assignment 7 York

Building Construction Hip and Valley Rafter Handout York

Building Construction Hip Rafter Worksheet York

Building Construction Rafter Table on Framing Square York

Building Construction II Assignment 6 York

Rafter Class Common Rafters Assignment York

Building Construction II Assignment 5 York

Building Construction II Assignment 4 York

Building Construction Google Folder York

Building Construction II Assignment York

Building Construction Gable Shed Assignment York

Building Construction Assignment II Concrete York

Building Construction Figure Cubic Yards of Concrete York

Building Construction Assignment III Walls York

Building Construction Math Unit Wall Plates York

Building Construction Sheathing York

Building Construction Assignments Frankenberg

CAPS Global Business

CAPS Global Business

CAPS Teaching Careers

CAPS Teaching Careers Instructions

CAPS Teaching Careers

Collision Repair

Collision Repair

Collision Repair Suspension and Steering Practice Test (Schulze)

Collision Repair Suspension Types (Schulze)

Collision Repair Suspension Questions No. 2 (Schulze)

Collision Repair 4 Link Suspension Explained (Schulze)

Collision Repair Week of April 20 (Schulze)

Collision Repair Interpret MSDS Worksheets (Schulze)

Collision Repair Week 2 Embedded Math (Schulze)

Collision Repair Detailing Tricks and Tips (Schulze)

Collision Repair Paint Code Location (Schulze)

Collision Repair ASE Certification Practice Test - Painting and Refinishing (Schulze)
This lesson should take up 3 days. Do three questions and 3 paragraphs per day.  Questions 1-3 Day 1, Questions 4-6 Day 2, and Questions 7-9 on Day 3. Submit via email.  You can submit the sets daily or submit all 9 on the last day.

Collision Repair Schulze April 6-10
Non-Structural Analysis and Damage Repair Test

Embedded English

Juengling Juniors

Juengling Seniors

Embedded Math

Embedded Math

Embedded Math Week of April 20

Embedded Math (March 23-April 3)

Embedded Math Week of April 6
: Level 6 Converting Units practice questions.

Graphic Communications

Graphics I Class

Graphics II Class

Health Occupations

Health Occupations

Information Technology

Information Technology

Machine Tool

Machine Tool

Sections 6, 7 and 8 Unit Questions

Precision Machining Textbook

PLTW Bio Medical Sciences

PLTW Bio Medical Sciences

PLTW Enginnering (Callahan)

PLTW Engineering Google Folder

PLTW Engineering Day 1

PLTW Engineering Day 2

PLTW Engineering Days 3-5

PLTW Engineering (King)

PLTW Engineering (King)


Welding Assignments Week of May 11

Welding Assignments Week of May 4

Welding Assignments Week of April 27

Welding Assignments Week of April 20

Welding Week of April 13 Assignments

Welding Air Carbon Arc

Welding Practical Problems

Welding Aluminum Video

Welding Chrome

Welding Week of April 6 Assignments

Welding Math April 6

Welding Brazing April 7

Welding Math April 8

Welding Plasma Cutting April 9

Welding Soldering of Copper Pipe April 10

Welding Google Folder

Welding Graphic

Welding Assignment I

Welding Assignment II

Welding Assignment III

Welding Assignment IV

Welding Assignment V

Welding Math Problem I

Welding Math Problem II

Welding Math Problem III

Welding Math Problem IV

Welding Math Problem V