Our History

Under the leadership of Dr. Don Northington, Superintendent of School, the School Board for the School District of Washington unanimously voted to begin the process of developing a vocational school in May of 1967. Since then we have celebrated 43 graduating senior classes; countless numbers of Career and Technical Edcuation Graduates.

That September, they began teaching 7 subjects, Auto Mechanics, Building Trades, Ground Trades, Agriculture, and Cooperative Education for boys and for the girls, Health Occupations and Secretarial/Clerical Occupations to the five county schools.

Directors and Assistant Directors

Roy Misener
Don Claycomb
Paul McKay
Al Sullivan
Steve Matyas
Randy Kosark

Assistant Directors
Don Walker
Sheila Reed
Louis Todd
Wendy Hartmann
Randy Kosark
Andy Robinson
Sherri Schaefer (Program Coordinator)

Our Instructors

Automotive Technology
Robert Barbarick 1967 - 1996
Eldon Green 1977 - 1983
John Green 1996 - 2004
Gary Maune 1998 - present
Dan Brinkmann 2004 - present

Collision Repair
Roland Best 1967 -1970
Mr. Alsop 1970 -1991
Dave Ross 1991 - 2010
Rob Schulze 2010 - Present
Nick Rector (Paraprofessional) 1997 - Present

Building Construction Trades
John Spires
Pap Perkins
Randy Hake
Jack Hischer
Bill Elsasser
Louis Todd
John Grgurich
Garry Gerhart
Rob York

Information Technology
Scott Strubberg 2006 - 2010
Curt Beers 2010 - present

Kenny Woods
Mr Woods
Jeff Jackson
Chester Livell

Graphic Communication
Diann Whitacre 1980 - 2005
Jeff Marquart 2005 - present

Machine Tool
James Jemes
Kirk Grass

Health Occupations
Mary Beth Scmidt
Sandy Westhoff
Charolette Tyree
Leslie Quint
Krista Sieve

Joyce A
Cathy Hartmann

Warrenton / Wright City
Debbie Vietmeier
Sue Ell

Brenda Dempsey
Carolyn Kluesner

Career Resource Educator
Susan Wilson
Susan Thomas
Michelle Larson (paraprofessional)
Wendy Wisdom (paraprofessional)

Career Services
John Carver
Dee Straatmann
Stephanie Juengling